Vice Chancellor’s Message


Taking charge of Gomal University is a pleasant experience. This strategically unique – the comprehensive university of KP (with all faculties – Science, Arts, Engineering, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Agriculture, etc.) has enormous potential including but not limited to hundreds of thousands of alumni all across the globe, a diverse student population from all the provinces of Pakistan, highest student body from the former FATA region and the highest number of international students in any inland public sector university. The commitment of faculty members and students to attaining high standards of the instructional environment is pleasantly amazing. The university is open to all, suggestions and ideas to uplift the academic and research standards. We, all the stakeholders, envision bringing its level to par with the leading universities of the World within three years (In Sha’Allah).

Professor Dr. Shakeeb Ullah, Vice-Chancellor Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan