Publications By Faculty

Year 2023

  1. Almadhor, A., Irfan, R., Gao, J., Saleem, N., Rauf, H. T., & Kadry, S. (2023). E2E-DASR: End-to-end deep learning-based dysarthric automatic speech recognition. Expert Systems with Applications222, 119797.
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Year 2022

  1. Khattak, M. I., Saleem, N., Gao, J., Verdu, E., & Fuente, J. P. (2022). Regularized sparse features for noisy speech enhancement using deep neural networks. Computers and Electrical Engineering100, 107887.
  2. Saleem, N., Gao, J., Irfan, M., Verdu, E., & Fuente, J. P. (2022). E2E-V2SResNet: Deep residual convolutional neural networks for end-to-end video driven speech synthesis. Image and Vision Computing119, 104389.
  3. Saleem, N., Gao, J., Khattak, M. I., Rauf, H. T., Kadry, S., & Shafi, M. (2022). Deepresgru: residual gated recurrent neural network-augmented kalman filtering for speech enhancement and recognition. Knowledge-Based Systems238, 107914.
  4. Khattak, M. I., Saleem, N., Nawaz, A., Almani, A. A., Umer, F., & Verdú, E. (2022). ERBM-SE: Extended Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Multi-Objective Single-Channel Speech Enhancement. IJIMAI7(4), 185-195.
  5. Almani, A. A., Han, X., Umer, F., ul Hassan, R., Nawaz, A., Shah, A. A., & Mustafa, E. (2022). Optimal Solution for Frequency and Voltage Control of an Islanded Microgrid Using Square Root Gray Wolf Optimization. Electronics11(22), 3644.
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